MXRB is an independent consultancy on all things Blockchain including, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Extended Reality (XR/VR/AR), Crypto, and Metaverse.

Unsure of how you could, or should, exploit or become engaged with any of these? We can help you with everything from basic learning programmes taking it from ‘square one’ to bespoke engagement strategies tailored to your specific business needs.


We provide basic education programmes for AI (Artificial Intelligence), Blockchain, Crypto, DeFi (Decentralised Finance), Metaverse, NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) and XR (Extended Reality including Augmented and Virtual Reality)

These programmes are designed for people who know nothing of these things, people who knew a little, and those who wish to expand their knowledge. We also provide bespoke education for specific projects


We can help you find and evaluate appropriate providers for specific projects you may be looking to undertake. We have a wide knowledge of who can do what and can help you avoid potentially costly mistakes in provisioning your operation

If you are a provider of any Web.3 or AI technology we can help you connect with potential clients whose proposed projects may fit with what you have available or can develop


If you are interested in how your business can use these developments to your advantage, or indeed whether you need  to go down any of these routes at all, now or in the future, we can advise on how and when you might decide to advance.

Through analysis of your business operations and processes and examination of your markets we’ll assist you to devise an appropriate strategy for the deployment of these developments